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High-Speed Printing & Slotting Die-cutter Series

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The electric components and computer software with high and reliable quality are purchased from international famous brands. With the human-computer interface, it is easy to operate and monitor. Computer can store 999 sets of orders. The wallboard and main components of the machine are all made in high precision process center and polished by digital controlled grinder. The stress in the metal has been eliminated by tempering. The bearings and rollers are made from high quality stainless steel which have been tempered, chrome plated and polished. All processes are controlled by computer. The transmission gears are made from 20CrMnTi with hardness HRC58~62, and they have been polished after heat-treatment. It would maintain high precision overprinting for long time. The level of precision is classified as 6 grade. The joints of transmission gears and bearings are connected by couplings which eliminates the gaps between connections. It also can work under high speed for long time. The transmission bearings are strengthened self-aligning bearings which are easy to maintain and have long life time. The lubrication system adopts automatic spray way with visible display. It is equipped with two oil pipes to keep the balance of the oil level. The machine is featured with pre-setting function. The feeding, press, slotting and die-cutting systems will be reset automatically. The memory of information data can be restored. The machine is equipped with clearance adjustment device so the gap can be adjusted without a wrench which is fast and convenient. The main motor is equipped with frequency converter so that the machine starts and runs steadily with less energy. It is optional for customers to choose vacuum adsorption system, back-push feeder, or front-take feeder based on their demand. Optional parts: Ceramic Anilox roller, squeegee blade system, and stacker. The machine is equipped with alarm to supervise the level of ink during working. The machine is equipped with caging device and long-distance display. It is optional to equip clearance adjustment system which is a type of electric adjustment.
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