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Automatic Double Side Laminating Machhie
Automatic paper feeding system is equipped with no paper protector, paper break protector and paper superposing protector

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1. Automatic paper feeder adopts oil-free vacuum pump to feed paper automatically. Paper can be added even if the machine is kept running, which improves working efficiency so much.

2. Man-machine interface system: colored touch screen simplifies the machine operation. Paper size, overlap length and working speed can be input on the touch screen thus to realize complete automation. The working status of the machine can be checked on touch screen at any time.
3. Automatic paper feeding system is equipped with photoelectric-controlled protector, which automatically stops the machine when there is no paper, broken paper and overlapped paper.  

4. Conveying table is furnished with air aspirator and front lay to convey paper.

5. The upper heating roller is equipped with hot oil regulation system for raising temperature. The down heating roller is equipped with cast aluminum heater for raising temperature. Temperatures of these two heating rollers are controlled separately, so as to ensure the precision of double side lamination temperature.

6. Hydraulic pressuring system automatically provides great steady pressure to guarantee good laminating quality.

7. Air expansion shaft releases film precisely, and also makes the loading and unloading of film roll more convenient. The down releasing film system is equipped with pneumatic brake, which can release and rewinding the film.

8. Pneumatic cutting system: paper can be automatically cut as long as the operator inputs the size of workable paper on the touch screen.

9. Paper receiving unit is furnished with not only vibrating paper collector but also rewinding shaft. After cutting, the laminated paper will be collected by vibrating paper collector automatically.  Laminated paper, which needs no cutting, is delivered by rewinding shaft.


Technical parameters   

Model No.


Max Paper Size


Min Paper Size


Laminating Speed

Paper Thickness
Gross Power
Overall Dimensions
Weight 3T  
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