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Automatic Corrugated Shoe Box Forming Machine
United States Nordson glue system, to achieve automatically glue compensation;

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1. United States Nordson glue system, to achieve automatically glue compensation;
2. Cardboard automatic feed, coherent job feed, edging, Fold and folded into
    the molding operation once completed;
3. PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, detection of gas source
    operating system, touch screen interface, the implementation of heaven and
    earth cover the carton forming the whole process automation;
4. Infrared security system, to ensure the safety of personnel to operate;
5. Automatic fault diagnosis function;
6. Quick die change adjustment device;
7. Gluing Line with Teflon material to ensure gluing accuracy;
8. The rack cage design, the overall processing, resonance, good stability;
Technical parameters   
Glue system
By injection,Hot melt Nordson(cap.5kg)
2500-3000 pieces/hours
Tatal power
Electrical supply
Net weight
Blank feeding system
By belts
Minimum size(LxWxH)
Maximum size(LxWxH)
Air consumption
80L/min(just for the glue injecion)
Working air pressure 6bar
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