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Three-knife Trimmer
The machine adopts the fully enclosed design, making security more secure, can effectively prevent the paper scraps, reduce maintenance time, extended

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1. The main drive adopts full rolling bearing structure, splash lubrication, good seal, no leakage phenomenon, and can be infinite speed adjustment.
2. Book structure adopts manipulator, and by the adjustable speed with auxiliary books, book balance, neat; Also equipped with books count function, aCut the number of books can be set by time.
3. The operator as long as the cut to be slathered in the car, the machine can automatically finish the work until the finished product is sent out.
4. Computer parts adopt 10.4 in true color touch screen, perfect control.
5. The side cutter location using computer to automatic adjustment with high precision lead screw.
6. The infinite adjustment adopts hydraulic pressure hydraulic system.
7. Set up a centralized supply butter device, except a handful of guideway are timing quantitative into .
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