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M Series Program Control Paper Cutter(15inch Colour Monitor)
Knife-seat guiding structure with sliding block type, cam type for adjusting-knife mechanism.

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◆The up-to-date 15.6" Widescreen LCD, full touch screen; Siemens PLC control. Eight languages to choose.
◆Metric system and British system two units, show the dimensions of the front knife and the back knife. 
◆Position resolution of backgauge is 0.01mm, closed-loop control, the locating error is less 0.01mm; No need to adjust locating error. Max. backgauge speed is 15m/min.
◆The program storage capacity of paper cutter is 300 programs. Every program can store 299 items cutting sizes. The storage memory has a maximum of 40 years.
◆With USB, transmit data, to convenient operator make programming and arrangement via PC. 
◆ Equipped with fault deagnostics and non-repreat safety guards.
◆The backgauge of paper cutter is driven by a Panasonic servo-motor with four speed levels.
◆The paper cutter is with automatic pushing paper function, the distance can be adjusted.
◆Adjustable time delay for knife activation, accurate and convenient.
◆Uses icons to show operational functions, which are simple and user friendly.
◆Clamp pressure adjustment by the computer system(optional).
◆The paper cutter is with full automatic cutting function.
◆The backgauge and knife movements of paper cutter can be monitored on the screen.
Technical parameters   
Model Unit 92G 115G 130G 137G
Max. Cutting Width cm 92 115 130 137
inch 36.2 45.3 51.2 53.9
Max. Cutting Length cm 92 115 130 145
inch 36.2 45.3 51.2 57.1
Max. Cutting Height mm 120 165 165 165
inch 4.7 6.5 6.5 6.5
Min. Cutting Size (without false clamp plate) mm 25 30 30 30
inch 1 1.2 1.2 1.2
Min. Cutting Size (with false clamp plate) mm 90 90 90 90
inch 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
Front Table Length cm 63.2 71.5 73 73
inch 24.9 28.1 28.7 28.7
Max. Clamp Pressure N 30000 40000 40000 45000
Max. Cutting Speed time/min 42 43 43 43
Main Motor KW 3 4 4 4
Net Weight Kg 2300 3700 3900 4100
Gross Weight Kg 2500 4100 4300 4500
Packing Size L×W×H cm 228×140×188 285×190×210 285×190×210 310×190×210
Note: 1.The above models are all with double hydraulic and double linear guides                                                   structure.
2.Technical parameter changes without prior notices, subject to the sales.
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